Industrial Overlocker

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Industrial Overlocker  (defunct)
Willcox Gibbs 500-4 Type 516-4-38 Studio.jpg
Manufacturer Willcox & Gibbs
Model 500-4 Type 516-4-38
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Location Craft Room
Team Craft & Textiles
Induction Required No
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Status Defunct (Unsure)
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Please seek assistance on the Google Group if you do not know how to operate this machine. Training is not mandatory but is recommended. Rethreading this takes an awfully long time.

This is a Willcox & Gibbs 500-4 Type 516-4-38. There is a manual available in the drawer - this should be photocopied later. The type number relates to how to thread it which is in the manual. There are some coloured guides on the machine in paint - not yet fully accurate but certainly "good enough".

Please mind not to change the tension, there is no need to unless you know what you are doing.

The thread is setup with 5 bobbins. These can be easily re-threaded between black or white or whatever you bring if you tie on the new thread and pull the old one through.

When using it make sure to have the fabric as shown:

Overlocker fabric in position.

Then when finished keep the motor going to get a good amount of threaded material to cut. DO NOT PULL IT THROUGH, UNLIKE THE SEWING MACHINE THIS WILL CAUSE IT TO SNAP THREADS AND WILL REQUIRE RETHREADING.

Overlocker thread is out far enough to now cut