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The Payphone is a British Telecom Payphone 300

Internally its missing the main logic board and the cash box

Conversion Plan

Pi + usb audio and a sip softphone


Its expected the keypad it a standard matrix style that we can connect directly to the pin or via a ATMega chip


LCD looks to be a 7 segment style, 4 digits



There are 4 connections internal details of the pins outs can be found below

Main connection 34 pin connector

Pin Colour Function Detail
1 Brown LCD
2 Red LCD
3 Orange LCD
4 Yellow LCD
5 Green LCD
6 Blue LCD
7 Purple LCD
8 Grey LCD
9 White LCD
10 Black LCD
11 Brown LCD
12 Red LCD
13 Orange LCD
14 Yellow LCD
15 green Keypad Row 3 (PL1)
16 Blue Keypad Col 2 (PL2)
17 Purple Keypad Row 0 (PL3)
18 Grey Keypad Col 1 (PL4)
19 White Keypad Row 1 (PL5)
20 Black Keypad Row 2 (PL6)
21 Brown Keypad Col 0 (PL7)
22 Red Spare N/C
23 Orange Hook
24 Yellow Hook
25 green Follow
26 Blue Follow
27 Purple Speaker
28 Grey Speaker Positive (I think 'RepRap' Matt)
29 White Spare N/C
30 Black Spare N/C
31 Brown Spare N/C
32 Red Spare N/C
33 Orange Spare N/C
34 Yellow Spare N/C

The hook switch state is:

  • Closed, On Hook
  • Open, Off hook

Handset 5 pin connector

This connector is keyed, Pin 2 is blocked out

Pin Colour Function Detail
1 Red Speaker
2 N/A Key
3 Blue Mic
4 Green Speaker
5 White Mic

Coin accepter

10 pin TBD

Coin holder

14 pin TBD