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  1. Take a cheap projector
  2. Take a cheap and old tripod
  3. Laser cut a fancy box
  4. Fill SD card with silent movies
  5. Put SD card in projector
  6. Put projector into box
  7. Set up box and tripod in field
  8. Hang up white sheet
  9. Watch silent movies in field
  10. Enjoy!


So cheap. So nasty. Like this one. Resolution is 320x240. Fits SD cards, USB, and laptop connections.


EDLA Repose metal tripod Sticks a bit. Telescopic. Looks well abused. Yay.

Laser Cut Box

Stage 1: Cheap ply, to test sizing and design Stage 2: Slightly more expensive ply.

Floral Art Nouveau design, to match wording.

Silent Movies

Thank you, and your copyright-free films.

Maybe at some point a silent edit of Night of the Living Dead, but that requires more editing work than I have time for.


Wilkos is my friend


There better be trees or a place to hang up a sheet where the light isn't too strong.