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At Nottinghack we run a number of practical workshops. Often they involve a kit of parts. These kits are available from the folk at Nottinghack (typically most should be in the vending machine). If you would like to buy one then just ask. If you have any ideas for kits to develop then please add them to this wiki or come to the space and chat about it. We had a pledge drive to obtain a vending machine and thanks to the hard work of some hackspace folk, it is now running and ready to vend. It uses the RFID tag for cashless vending. We also supply parts for hacking with, including microcontrollers, which are on this list and in the vending machine.

Kits available

Kit Description Cost Stock
Solder badge A simple flashing badge. Great for beginners soldering practice £2 130
Drawdio Draw-Audio: draw your own musical instrument £10 NONE
Mini POV A persistance of vision device which draws words in the air £15 ?
Bat Listener Listen to the high frequencies emitted by bats with this kit £20 26
Joule thief Get some extra juice from 'dead' AA and AAA batteries £3 ?
Make a rubber stamp A kit of parts to laser cut a rubber stamp, including a small stamp pad.

You need to have been inducted on the laser cutter to use this.

? ?
Xino An arduino clone stripped to the basics. ? ?
Maximus A USB connected microcontroller board. ? ?

Kits in development

Kit Description Approx cost Contact person
TV-B-Gone Switch off TVs from a distance of up to 30m £15 Matt Little

Kit ideas

Got an idea for a kit or a project that others might also like to do? Please add it to this list and people can start to work on it. Also add a link to any project details and a some contact details if you would like to work on that project.

  • Solar Engine
  • Solar pendulum
  • Solar charger