LED Suits

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LED Suits
Primary Contact danspencer101
Created 21/10/2020
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I had been planning to make an LED suit for EMF Camp 2020 but it never came to be unfortunately because of COVID-19 so decided to make some for our skating group's Halloween 2020 roll-out instead. They worked really well and were a lot of fun to cruise around the city in.

Parts List

5M LED Light Strip
12V AA Battery Pack
12V DC Power Jack Connector
Safety Clips
8x AA Batteries


  1. Cut LED Strips into 3x sections matching Arm span, torso & Legs
  2. Solder wires onto each strip at joints
  3. Connect DC Power Jack Connectors as appropriate to the bottom of the torso & middle of legs. This will allow the costume to be removed by allowing the trousers and top to separate when needed.
  4. Clip to clothes using safety clips and/ or a suitable tape. I used ice hockey sock tape quite successfully to tape at the joints.
  5. Insert batteries and power-on!