Maker Faire 2013/HSF

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Dominic and James will be attending the Maker Faire as "UK Hackspace Foundation" to promote Hackspaces throughout the UK. Want to get involved? Put your name down below, or email one of us.


Hackspace Map

List of Hackspaces (Physical)

  • London Hackspace
    • 37 Cremer Street, E2 8HD
  • Nottingham Hackspace
    • Unit F6 BizSpace, Roden House Business Centre, Nottingham, NG3 1JH
  • Build Brighton
  • Bristol Hackspace
  • Manchester Hackspace (Hac Man)
  • Leeds Hackspace
  • Derby Makers (should this be in second list?)
  • HackspaceCardiff
  • Edinburgh Hacklab
  • Chelmsford Makerspace
  • Northackton (should this be in second list?)
  • TOG (not strictly UK)
  • OpenShed
  • DoES Liverpool

List from r/bikeshed "real" Hackspaces in bold.

List of UK Hackspace

  • London HackspacefizzPOP (Birmingham)DoES LiverpoolLeeds HackspaceBristol HackspaceSoutHACKton (Southampton)York HackspaceHACMan (Manchester)Build Brighton HackspaceE-Space (Exeter)Shropshire HackspaceMake Space (Newcastle)Nottingham HackspaceReading HackspaceMakespace (Cambridge)Edinburgh HacklabDerby MakersNortHACKton (Northampton)Chelmsford MakerspaceSurrey and Hampshire HackspacePrototype Hackspace (Medway, Kent)Open Shed (Penzance, Cornwall)Farset Lab, BelfastPotteries Hackspace (Stoke-on-Trent)Ipswich Hackspace

List of Hackspaces (Meetups)

  • Hitchin Hackspace
  • FizzPop
  • York Hack Space