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One of the founders of Nottinghack - "If we build it, they will come!"

To be honest I'm a bit grumpy and not always keen to chat. I'll work on that... a bit. Probably.

Below is mostly a link dump for me, just because I wrote something in the past does not mean it's current.

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  • Kite Photography
  • Screen Printing
  • Woodwork
  • Making Hackspaces Work
  • Home Monitoring

A 2020 Update

Most of this page was written in about 2012 or 2013 and is horribly out-of-date. You can find my current blog and other info here:

When I write, I write a lot about the theory of hackerspaces (I don't use the term Hackspace anymore because its too specific). I like the idea of a Hackerspace Architect, someone who oversees a space holistically to give it a cohesive flavour. I am very much a fan of:

I didn't do the above link quite right! Maybe a WikiPixie will fix it?


Thoughts on Management Activity

  • Increasing membership of the space
  • Finding cheap/free tools and equipment

CNC, Laser & 3D Printing - Rapid Prototyping

Laser Cutter Inductions

Links to Stuff I like or Use in One Handy Place

Audio & Video

Digital Make Magazine

Maker Faire UK Twitter Bingo List

At Uk Maker Faire in Newcastle 12th & 13th March 2011 I decided to meet some of my follows for the 1st time. The successful finds have links to the picture of them I took!

A Project Miscellany

Scouting Hackspace 3.0

The Mobile Hackspace Project

The Mobile Hackspace Project

This project is currently on hold and this page is mostly a link dump at the moment.

TShirt Making Stuff

Tshirt Order form and stuff

Mythbusters Wall-O-Boxes Project

My page about my Mythbusters Wall-O-Boxes Project

OSV Group

The Open Source Vending Group Project

Marketing the Hackspace

Leaflet Targets

Festivus Drinks