Marking Gauges (for wood)

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Marking Gauges (for wood)
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We have a number of different marking gauges for marking line(s) parallel to a straight edge in wood (please do not use these on metal!).

These are invaluable tools once you get to know them and start using them in your marking out. They are easiset to use when making along the grain of the wood rather than across the end grain (but with a little practice they work well on both)

We have two types of gauges:-

Marking gauge

The marking gauge is an invaluable tool for marking purposes.

It has a single sharp pin on one side of the fence, to mark a single line parallel to one side of your wood (this should be a straight edge and it is easier to mark along, or with, the grain).

Mortise gauge

The mortise gauge has two pins on one side of the guide fence, these are used to mark out mortise and tenon lines.

The two pins are set to the width of your mortise and the fence is set to the distance you want the mortise from the edge of your wood.

On the other side of the guide fence there is a single pin to mark your wood, essentially the same as the single pin Marking gauge above.


Specific cutting gauges exist for marking across the grain of your work, but we do not seem to have the blades in the cutting gauge. These gauges are not essential, as you can still mark across the grain with the serviceable gauges we have.