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List of Donated Network Kit that needs testing for possible use. Most of the missing power supplies have likely ended up in the BIG power supplies box, so just need to dig them out again for testing. Any dead kit can be stripped for parts and put into the junk box.

Model Description Status Notes Image
ADSL2MUE Linksys ADSL2 Modem Working Media:ADSL2MUE.JPG
WRT54GL Linksys 54g Gateway Working On Loan From Tony S, has DD-WRT (VPN) installed
3CGSU05 3Com Gigabit Switch 5 port Untested Need's power supply 12V 1.25A Media:3CGSU05.JPG
CABLE-SW5P Generic 5 port 10/100 switch Untested Media:CABLE-SW5P.JPG
WGR614 Netgear Wireless router 802.11g Untested Non removable antenna missing, Suspect DOA, needs power supply Media:WGR614.JPG
MR814v2 Netgear Wireless router 802.11b Untested Needs power supply 12V 0.8A, was this one donated by Dominic? if so may be DOA Media:MR814v2.JPG
F5D7130 Belkin 802.11g Wireless Range Extender/Access Point Untested Ver 30000Uk, Needs power supply Media:F5D7130.JPG
WGE111 Netgear 54Mbps Wireless Game Adapter Untested Needs power supply 5V 2.0A Media:WGE111.JPG