Open day 2013

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Date: Saturday, June 1st, 2013 Time: 11am-5pm

We are just starting to organise the 2013 open day. If you've been looking for a way to contribute to Nottinghack, now is a good time to get involved. If you want to get involved but want to let people know other than on the wiki, then please drop an email to the mailing list discussion here.

Projects That Will Be On Display

If you want to show off any of your projects, or are willing to host a table with things for people to do, add them here:

Project Demonstrator/Organiser* Confirmed** Other notes
Shrink Plastic Charms Kate Yes Will need the oven all day
Knitting Kate Yes Just on display, with needles and yarn for anyone who wants to join in
Colouring pages Kate Yes Crayons, pencils and pages from the Adafruit 'E Is For Electronics' colouring book
Soldering ?? Not yet Robot badge making fun!
Line following robots Matt Little Not yet Make a junk based herbie line follower


For members and members' guests only. If you would like to prepare something for the party, add it here:

Item Organiser* Confirmed** Other notes
Punch Kate Yes Involves alcohol. Lots of alcohol
Strawberry shortcake Kate Not yet If I get time, I will make this whipped cream/fruit/cake delight


If you're taking flyers and putting them up in places, list it here:

Location Organiser* Confirmed** Other notes
Page 45
Bead Shop
Knit Nottingham
Lee Rosy's
Central College
Roden House


Things to do to so that the open day looks great to visitors.

Task Organiser* Confirmed** Other notes
Hack The Space Dclarke (talk) Bring forward 1 week, extra tidy up, remove excess window wrap to storage
Clean, sweep, mop Dclarke (talk)
Top up Snackspace
Top up Vending machine
Explanatory notices Bridgeport, Sewing machines