Oscillating Bobbin Sander

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Oscillating Bobbin Sander
Oscilating Bobin Sander.png
Manufacturer Axminster Craft
Model Earlier version of ac140oss
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Obtained Hackspace Owned (May 2019)
Location Dusty Area
Team Woodworking
Induction Required No
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Status Defunct
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What does it do

The Oscillating Bobin Sander is intended for, but not limited to, sanding an internal radius on timber or other compatible materials. The spindle rotates and oscillates up and down, it is possible to tilt that table to achieve a bevelled edge profile on your work.

How to use it

The manual is pinned to the wall behind the device. The on-switch is located on the front, under the off switch flap, undo the clip and lift the flap. Instructions on how to use and maintain the tool are in the manual attached to the wall. The spindles can be changed to accommodate different radius profiles

Oscilating Bobin Sander On.png

Use dust extraction when sanding

At the moment of writing the unit does not have a dedicated extraction system, make sure the exhaust is connected at the back of the table to the extraction system currently shared with other equipment (the hose should just pull off and connect)

Links to YouTube and instructional stuff

to do

upload pdf scan of the manual, link to instructional stuff