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If you blog about hackspace relevant stuff, you’d be most welcome to contribute your feed to Planet Nottinghack. Many members run their own blogs, & this automatically uses RSS to collect them all into one place:

It's relatively easy to add your blog in, but requires a little bit of technical work.

Blog image

You need a blog image that is 65 pixels wide, and between about 50 and 90 pixels high. It should also have a transparent background and be saved as a PNG. There are many tutorials on the web to help you do this, and free tools such as [ GIMP} available. Name it after yourself. Good examples of this image are:


You will need to fork our website repository on GitHub, make changes, add your image and then issue a pull request back to us. If this sound complicated, don't worry - it isn't! If you already know how to use github, you can fork the repo and skip to the next section...

  • First, head over to GitHub and make yourself an account.
  • Now, visit our repo and click the "Fork" button - this copies the repository into your account.
  • You need to get to your area, so click on the octocat icon at the top left. You will see "Your Repositories" on the right of the new page, with your copy of our repo in it. Click on this link.
  • We now need to make two changes to the repository:

Add your image

Navigate to public_planet/heads and add your image here. You can do this in browser by clicking the small + next to the path. Make sure your filename doesn't clash with any others.

Add your blog

Navigate to planet/nottinghack and open the config.ini file. At the bottom of this file add a blank line and then the following code, replacing the parts in

<Angle Brackets>

with your information:

[<Address to your blog's RSS feed>]
name = <Your Name>
face = <filename of your image>
faceheight = <pixel height of your image>

Submit a pull request

Once you have committed all your changes, you need to issue a pull request. From your repository, click on "Pull Requests" on the right, then "Create a Pull Request". You will see a list of all changes you are sending, then click the big green button.

Someone from the web team will review your request and hopefully merge it with the main branch. After that, the Planet updates every 12 hours, so will pull your blog in the next time is refreshes.