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Guide.png  Please see Nottinghack Rules/Guide - The Hackspace Online

The Nottinghack website provides information that is the public face of Nottinghack. We always need extra people to update the site and post on the blog, so if you are interested let us know! There are Web Editors who have access to update the site, but anyone can submit a change request via github.

Nottinghack github and documentation

The github is a repository for the space's documents and code, including its website:

The Rules and Members Guide:


Updating the Website

The members that maintain the website can be found on the List of Web Editors page.

The website's contents is updated via github see Website Version Control page. Anyone can submit a change request via github.

Writing a Blog Post

The main Nottinghack blog is here. It is looked after by the Team:Communications. Typically, post are highly relevant to the space. However, guest posts are welcome - contact the comms team.

Planet - blog aggregator

For more personal/random posts Planet may be a good fit. It is a stream of the latest blog posts by people who have opted in. If you haven't got a blog setting one up is easy.

Newsletter and wiki

Contributions to the Newsletter are welcome. The wiki can also be used to write about your project, for example Les Plywood and Fire Pong.

Google Calendar

The public facing Google Calendar is on the website and embed on the wiki Events page.

Direct access is here.

How to import events to your calendar (Import/Merge/Export)

To import the Nottinghack calendar and it's events to your calendar:

1) Create/login into your Google account.
2) Go to the Nottinghack Calendar page and add it to your 'other calendars'.
2a) Alternatively, go to Google Calendar main page, then search for the address, and add it to your 'other calendars'.
How to add your event to the Nottinghack Calendar

To add an event:

1) Create/login into your Google account.
2) Create the event on your own Google Calendar login.
3) Invite "" as a guest to your event. Once accepted it will go on to Nottinghack Calendar.

There is also an Eventbrite page to advertise your event. Contact Events Team if you have any questions.


Trello is used for outstanding jobs, see Trello page. Their is also a Hackspace 2.5 Trello for downstairs AKA Hackspace 2.5.

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