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BarBot Meeting 2014-05-08

Attendees: Mouse, Ian D, Daniel S, Ed, Michael E (phone), Banjoface (later)

Regrets: Seb P

Agenda: Project status & progress, design talk, hacking things


  • Ian showed automation for plunger with car window winding mech as motion generator!
  • Michael on phone described status of carbonated drinks dispenser
    • One lid made
    • Awaiting pressure test (ready, just need time to do it)
    • Awaiting components delivery
  • Ed showed an automatic soap dispenser unit from sainsburys
    • £5 on sale, £9 is what Ed paid
    • Cannibalize to dispense small quantities of lemon/lime/tobasco etc?
  • Mouse talked about interaction with EMF organisers
    • They're totally cool with us doing our thing
    • There will be another barbot there!
    • They might even be able to help us with buying booze!
  • Mouse described what Seb said on Monday
    • We discusses the carousel, motor sizing
  • AGM is next week, so maybe just a quick meeting after AGM


  • Ed hacking soap dispenser
    • needs a head of pressure to dispense non-viscous fluids, but not viscous ones
    • can mechanism switches wires which can be used to control motor (should be simple for arduino)
  • Ian helping Mouse with stepper motor control for testing carousel turning mech
    • Stepper and controller from reprap seemed to have enough power to turn it
    • Mock up probably wasn't heavy enough, but it might just work!
    • Slipping of motor on mock wheel was a problem but with a belt drive that should be alleviated

Action Items

  1. Mouse: meeting write-up
  2. Mouse: to succeed to laser-cut peristaltic pump parts (deferred)
  3. Seb P: produce design for optic delivery device
  4. Seb P: continue with carousel!
  5. Michael E: pressure test of carbonated drinks dispenser

Outstanding Tasks

  1. Cocktail Research: Make a list of candidate (doable) cocktails to aim for
  2. Prototype squirters

Next Steps

  • Next meeting: next Thursday (2014-05-15)