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BarBot Meeting 2014-05-29

Attendees: Mouse, Ian D, Daniel S, Ed, Michael E Agenda: Hacking on stuff


No status meetingy thing, just hacking:

  • Michael & Mouse set up and demonstrated Michael's pressure delivery system
    • Tested with non-diet coke. Gas in the line still present. We're probably just going to have to deal with it, although using a different line material may reduce the problem
    • Leaky tap connector fixed by using synthetic cork - no gunk needed - press-fit is sufficient.
  • Ian set up the rail and platform mechanism and we tested it with a pint of water - worked really well.
  • Ed. Has the squirter working with non-viscous fluids (water). Looking really good.
  • Mouse did a first estimate of the space needed on the rail for various parts (see MachineMap)
  • Mouse made a video of various prototype parts in action.

Next Steps

  • Mouse to draw up a more detailed schematic of the machine as a whole, work out dimensions for frame and so on
    • Should probably prototype in wood - after that use welded box steel
  • We need to start thinking about software
  • Mouse to order optics and servos once we know how many we want