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BarBot Meeting 2014-07-10

Attendees: Dan S, Mouse, Ian D Agenda: Working out how many IO pins we need, cad, frame measurements


  • Ian prepared the ControlSystem which lists the various components which need IO pins.
    • So far we have 27 pins listed for components which are built
    • Only 2 pins require H/W PWM
    • Everything else can use general digital IO pins
    • Mega has 54 IO pins
    • There may be s/w conflicts between the NeoPixel Ring library and servo / PWM libraries which all use timers. This needs to be checked. It might be necessary to move LED controls onto a separate arduino board (e.g. uno)
    • Ian bid on a Mega on ebay
    • Daniel said he wanted one, which can serve as a backup during EMF
    • Ian will also get a breakout shield
  • Mouse has created 3D CAD model of BarBot in blender to see how it might all fit together
    • Still a few things to add
  • We found a good enclosure for the control electronics, which can fit an ATX power supply and all the other boards we need.
    • It looks splash proof.
    • It fits behind the optic board (according to the CAD model)
  • Mouse bought 12mm ply today which is suitable for making frame / structure
  • Matt Lloyd is interested in helping with the frame / structure
    • Thinks making a frame inside the right box / siding for optic panel is a good idea, wants to help weld one up.

Next Steps

  • Mouse to model the proposed frame components in blender, add platform, syringe, cherry and lemon dispensers, dashers
  • Mouse & Matt Lloyd to work on the frame / structure
  • Ian D to look at the layout of the enclosure & laser cut mounting plate
  • Daniel will continue to look at the UI / database side of software
  • Next meeting: Thursday (2014-07-17)