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Nottingham Hackspace has a wide range of promotional material. We very much want to encourage people to make their own leaflets and hand outs. We hack everything else, so we should be hacking our publicity! Below you will find a mix of stuff that you can use for Hackspace promotion.

The Comms Team are responsible for implementing a lot of these graphics and are passionate about making the hackspace look good, if you do use any of the files found below they politely ask that you drop an email to the Google Groups mailing list, or the #Comms Slack channel, just so we can give it a once over and make sure nothing has been stretched or disproportioned, its not a requirement, but a request.

Current Material

2023 Promotional Flyers

2018/2019 Posters

Pictures for use in Promotion

We have a wide range of pictures over on our flickr account. Feel free to use any of the pictures posted there.

Aaron also took a bunch of photos for print and screen, which are available on Photos

Video Promotion Materials

Through our social media channels short, or well curated, videos generally do quite well. Here is an example of a Nottinghack Branded Video for the Facebook page. This has been produced using Hitfilm Express which is free to use, although not open source, software.

Historical material

The hackspace has been around for quite a while and has been through many iterations of promotional materials. What you'll find below is an archive of some of our past designs. If you are going to reuse old designs please check that Hackspace Green is being used, see Branding#Hackspace Green.


Here is a list of print ready PDF posters and notices, the idea is that if we need some more of something you can just grab the files, print them off at home, on the Laser Printers in the hackspace, or organise getting a full print run done. These are specifically set up to have little to no trouble when printing either at home, or via a print works. These are not 'Editable' files, you can find artwork for some of these below in the 'Artwork' section.

If you need a hand with any technical issues (e.g. what kind of paper you should ask for from a print works) then do contact Jake Howe (

Graphic Elements

Graphic elements are bits of imagery that have been used to promote Nottingham Hackspace, they range from little creative pictures to nice useful graphics. The idea is that you can easily take these, and use them to spruce up your leaflet or flyer. Some are just useful bits to have on your flyer and will save you time needing to create them yourself.


See Also

Related to promotional Materials is the Hackspace Branding, it includes files for all the different 'Hacked' versions of the logo and how to use them.