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The Nottinghack Open Day 2019 featured workshops, demonstrations and tours. Your ideas and participation are welcome.

Date: Saturday, July 20th, 2019
Time: 11:00am-4:00pm



We are just starting to organise the 2019 Open Day.

Projects, workshops and demonstrations being planned

Project / demonstration / workshop Organiser Location Notes
3D Printer / printing demos Ax Studio? Demonstrations of 3D printing, including a printer assembled from parts made at the hackspace. 3D HSNotts Coin
Robot table football Steve Studio Made on the Hackspace laser cutter and the Denford CNC lathe, along with 3D printed parts, crochet parts, and electronics that were prototyped in the Hackspace. Video
Ensign Wedgeley Crusher Sam R Studio We'd love to bring Ensign Wedgeley Crusher along to show... can't really drive it around people for safety reasons but can help out with the recycling. It's maybe not the finest example of hackmanship but everyone loves robot wars...
Hackspace Roulette Bob W & Ian D Studio Place a 2p bet on the hackspace roulette wheel. See if you can stop the pointer and LEDs on a marker to win a small prize. As seen at the Green Festival.
3D scanning Eugen Studio 3D scanning of objects using a Kinect. More info
Laser Cutter demos Arthur, Ali & Ed P Laser cutter Demonstrations of the hackspace A0 laser cutter. Watch a small item being cut that you can take home.
Screen printing Sarah Main Workshop? Screen printing demonstrations
Learn to solder Matt Little Studio Solder together a hackspace robot badge - Small charge will apply.
Textiles, macrame, embroidering Cazz Textiles room Demonstrations of macrame and our computer controller embroidery machine
Short talks Mike H Blue Room Details TBC
Projects exhibition Anyone Studio Exhibition of projects made or currently in progress at the hackspace
Visitor tours IanD, Ava, but need a few more helpers All areas Guided tours of the hackspace


There is folder on JARVIS called '#Nottinghack OPEN DAY 2019' to share resources for the event; it currently has example designs for the Laser Cutter.


Things to do. so we are ready.

Task Date/time Organiser Notes
Print and put up posters ASAP IanD Done
Promote the event Left Lion, Ask Lion, EventBrite,, Evening Post, NTU, UoN, Tech Notts, Libraries, (see Leaflet Targets)
Organise tidy up day / evening 14/7/19 Ian D Please come along sometime during the day and find something to do to make the hackspace better. See Google Group post: Getting ready for Open Day 2019
Laser check / align 19/7/19 Laser team Laser booked 19/7/19 19:00 for maintenance


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