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We have a number of TDA2611A 5W amplifier chips at the space and I'd like to build a small 5W audio amplifier and perhaps develop it into a workshop project.

Some examples of its use: -

Some thoughts: -

  • it's a dual learning and skill sharing exercise
  • The TDA2611A costs about 75p nowadays!
  • we would just be gainfully employing them!
  • this is a set up to knock down -
    • the first design is to see if we can make it work
    • I don't expect it to be any good!
  • I shall make the example circuit from Fig 10 in the datasheet
  • we have plenty of large capacitors at the space
  • we also have lots of power transformers that will give us 24V power for workshop take-homes
  • also audio transformers for decoupling - as we use here at work
  • potentiometers for faders 10Mo Log pots required
  • I'd like to control volume and tone optionally by Arduino

Larger class B amplifier designs: -

General audio: -