Spider Geocache

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Spider Geocache
Spider Geocache Assembly 2.jpg
Primary Contact Danspencer101
Created 17/03/2019
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Status Complete
Type Members Project
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This geocache is a 3D printed cache to replace one that went missing on a trail I maintain in Derby. The waterproof part that will hold the log sheet is a 1.2ml phial so it will be classed as a micro cache.


3D Model

The cache is based upon a spider model that I found on thingiverse. I originally printed this without the base but got reports that the leg snapped off after it being outside for less than a week so decided to add it in. I was also struggling with the legs detaching from the bed due to poor adhesion; the base solved this problem.

I modified the STL file by putting a hole on the underside to press fit the Phial into and added a base that strengthens the spiders legs.

3D Print

Printed on my Creality CR-10s at home overnight simply because it took about 9hrs to print and I didn't want to stay with our 3D Printer for that length of time.


I removed the supports & press fitted the phial into the hole with a drop of super glue to lock it in place.

In addition I put a dab of super glue on to the foot of each leg to further strengthen the weak point.


I painted everything black using a BBQ paint rattle can. Looks great and is ready to hide.

Painted and Ready to hide