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Hackspace 2.5 and bike parking

Is there a list of jobs for 2.5, could be useful for Hack the space day. This could be it Hackspace 2.5/ToDo.

Is bike parking going to be moved downstairs - it would be great not to have carry bikes up and down the stairs just for parking. Jon (talk) 08:24, 18 March 2019 (UTC)

New PC for CNC Mill

Need agreement that it’s ok to upgrade the CNC Mill PC

The current PC is technically capable of the task but has a tendency to crash lots, is unresponsive and very dated. Lots of talk in the CNC slack about this topic including links to PC parts on eBay. There is already enough people willing to pledge to cover the cost completely. Need some legitimisation from Trustees and help setting up a pledge drive. The old PC will remain untouched in case the new one doesn’t pan out as expected.