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Crazy Cool Mobile Phone Hack

Every wanted to phone a server and tell it to do something? Or perhaps have the server phone or text you when something happens!

Inspired by some crazy phone hacks on Instructables, I'd like to involve some old mobile phones to act as inputs/outputs. I've started a page on my webpage at [1] and I'll transcribe it here.

Michael Erskine 09:33, 15 February 2011 (GMT)

Matt's List

A quick copy of the big ToDo list that 'RepRap' Matt put together. With done stuff since removed by Daniel (talk) 19:08, 5 October 2013 (EST)

  • Hackspace instrumentation:-
  • Port mqtt to nanode
  • Status led's red green linked to mag relase
  • Add strobe light (for doorbell and ?beacons)
  • Clear board button? (big red one!!!)
  • Irc stats to cacti? London do it (nick there scripts from github)
  • Humidity sensor's?
  • Last man out switch
    • Can rest space occupancy if needed
    • Should turn off some plugs? Kettles, water heaters?
  • Occupancy counter
  • Nanode
  • Laser beams count in and out, embed in unsed door?
  • how to detect lasers. Photo diodes enough?
  • Two beams in entrance
  • Push to cacti
  • Query from irc
  • Own led counter? Similar to Power meter
  • Can use door magnetic contact and last man out switch to keep accuracy
  • Project box
  • Back door bell
  • RFID to blue office and members storage
  • Again monitor access
  • just one reader, opens both doors use magnetic contact to see which is opened
  • Push to cacti and log?
  • Don't really need to irc twitter
  • Sound meters??
  • Push to cacti
  • Pir's??
  • possibly add a magnetic lock to the fridge and have code's for fridge products unlock that once paid for
    • causes issue with milk access