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Previous Discussion:

Major tool for the wish list. Some notes to start the discussion.

Advantage to have a substantial cast-iron one, floor-standing, as this will be far more rigid and reliable than a portabe, bench-top one.

One (used) fitting this specification is available (Russell), needs space available and allocation for this purpose.

A movable one could be considered - e.g. - "The PT260 Planer Thicknesser has been slashed in price to an incredible £599.99 and still includes the pedal wheel kit! Also, the PT260 and CX2000 are available as a package deal for only £699.99, giving an even greater saving over these already keenly priced machines."

Advantages of a planer-thicknesser over a basic bench-top thicknesser - see Record Power leaflet Spring/Summer 2014 and Youtube (???)

N.B. SPACE is the major disincentive at May 2014, both for the tool itself, the space around it (the whole point is to mahine down rough-sawn timber into usable material, and for the storage of raw materials. Definitely one for Hackspace 3.0?