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Some of the tools and equipment at the Hackspace are provided on a long term loan basis and even if they've become Hackspace 'fixtures' can be recalled by the owner if their circumstances and needs change.

These items are no different to 'donated' and 'our own' items - all should be kept maintained and used safely, and repaired or replaced if damaged.

Power Tools

Tool Owner ID Date loaned Date return Comments Looks Like
Metal (Abrasive) Chop Saw To be donated elsewhere - too messy and noisy.
(Red) Laser Cutter Dominic Not currently donated?
½" Router  ??? Status unknown?
Sliding chop saw John Higham
2 Large Irwin quick clamps John Higham

Donating tools on a long-term basis

As the Hackspace develops, the need for tools to be loaned reduces - we become more able to purchase as required, and with over 200 members, we should be able to afford tools of a more industrial quality than any of us would buy individually (and then possibly donate to the space).

So just donating a tool that has been bought for one DIY job and then donating it is not quite the good deed that it once was - we have a huge collection of jigsaws, for example.

We also need to be sure that things which need safety testing don't slip in under the rader. So please, if donating a tool, put it into the 'new tools donations box' so that it can be checked for suitability and safety. We may need to ask that it be taken back (so that we don't accumulate a waste disposal problem)

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