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BevMax45 Vending Machine
Primary Contact
Created 01/06/2018
Completed 01/09/2018
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Manufacturer Crane
Model BevMax 45
Location Vending Machine
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Status Complete
Type Hackspace Infrastructure
Live Status Live
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We acquired our second, second hand, vending machine for cans/bottles in mid 2018. This currenly lives in the studio, next to the snacks vending machine. It has been in operation since September 2018.

Quick details

Payment implementation

The vending machine can use MDB cashless devices, fitted with a custom cashless device. It uses the MDB/ICP protocol.


Setting pirce

Open the door, need to pull out grey switch at the top till it beeps / shows "clear error".
Then press blue button on back of LCD till shows "Service Mode" then follow bellow.

Allows the setting of regular prices for an individual item, a complete tray, or the entire machine. Factory setting is $99.95.
Press the number “7” on the keypad and the display will scroll “SET REGULAR PRICES”. Press the “*” key and “$00.00” will be displayed. Prices are entered using the numbers on the keypad and will shift in from the right as numbers are pressed. Once the desired price is showing on the display, use one or all of the options listed below for setting the price to the desired selection:

  1. All selections. Press the * key after entering desired price and all selections in the vender will now be set
  2. One tray. Pressing the letter of the shelf followed by the * key will price that shelf to a single price. For example, to price the A shelf for $1.25, first dial in the price then choose A followed by *.
  3. Single selection. Press the desired selection number or numbers corresponding to the selections that require changing.

Priority will be given to the higher ranked method. For example, If one price on the A tray was set to $1.50 using option 3 above and you wish to change the remaining selections on that tray using option 2, the pricing for the entire tray would take precedence. Conversely, if the price was set using option 2 first followed by the single selection using option 3, the pricing for the remainder of the shelf would remain and the new price for the single selection would change to the new value. Press the “CLR” key to return to “SERVICE MODE”. POINTS TO REMEMBER:

  • Prices entered must not exceed the “MAX CREDIT” set in the system’s program.
  • DO NOT press the “*” key when setting prices for individual selections.