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Missing pages

About Pages

Location pages

  • Each location ie, room, area and storage place could have a page. This in turn could link to pages of what is in that area and vice-versa. Done (May 2019)

Front page

A nice table taken from the front page of CoMakingspace Hackspace wiki in Germany

Features to Consider

  • Convert 'list boxes' into template - box style created but not as template
  • Tidy alignment.
  • Highlight featured pages.
  • Make it easier to find task like tidying/ cleaning
  • Make it clear how to contribute to the wiki
  • No list to members guide
  • New Members - link to members guide - wiki is second place to look for more detail
  • Random content from :Category:Featured ?

 Done (May 2019)




  • Infobox for Software  Done (June 2019)


  • The wiki is seven years old and has a lot of pages that haven't been updated in years. Pages that genuinely aren't required can be tagged with: {{delete|date=DD/MM/YYYY|reason=Cruft}}
Please also include a reason which can then be discussed before wiki admin deletes.
Most pages that contain historic pages can be de-categorized and tagged with Template:archive