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This is a list of the proposed workshops for the year 2015. For other events see Events.

We are trying to run workshops on the first and third Thursday of each month or for longer workshops, at the weekend. The workshops will generally start at 7.00pm and involve some activity or skill share.

The Hackspace does not charge to run a workshop and you generally don't need to ask for permission, although a donation is suggested if you intend to charge to attend.

We can help sort out the materials and logistics. This is YOUR hackspace. It relies upon YOU to get involved and make this work. If you have an idea for a workshop or are willing to run a workshop but are looking for advice, check the Events page!

These workshops are open to everyone, so please spread the word.

Past workshops

Date Day Workshop Who? Cost Confirmed? Notes
22nd Dec Tues PSoC Introduction Andy Nevill Free Y FULL