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* [[EMF 2016 Meeting 2015-12-10]]
* [[EMF 2016 Meeting 2015-12-10]]
* [[Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-01-18|2016-01-18]]
* [[Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-01-18|2016-01-18]]
* [[Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-01-18|2016-01-23]]
* [[Project:Fire Pong Meeting 2016-01-23|2016-01-23]]

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Fire Pong

For EMF 2016, a small group of us are working on a series of fire effects to be incorporated into an interactive game of some sort (provisionally "pong").

Puffers (a.k.a. "Poofers")

Puffers consist of an "accumulator" tank (usually an empty gas bottle), which is filled from a "feed" tank (a full propane bottle). The supply is regulated to somewhere up to 60 PSI. The accumulator tank is connected to a long "barrel" through a large-bore value which can open and close quickly. This may be a manual ball value or an electronic solenoid value. The accumulator tank is also connected to a pilot flame at the end of th barrel, through a low-pressure regulator.

When the ball/solenoid value is opened, the medium pressure propane in the accumulator tank shoots up the barrel, and is ignited at the end by the pilot flame. This creates a brief "puff" of fire.

Puffers come in many sizes from hand-held to truck-mounted, and can create a puff from a few tens of centimeters tall to anything up to and exceeding 10 meters!

Component Prices

For the prototype, we need the following parts:

Component description Price Link Bought by Qty Cost inc shipping
Adjustable 60 PSI regulator £14 ebay Ian 1 £14
Adjustable 60 PSI regulator (alternative, cheaper) Inlet Male UK Pol 5/8 BSP LH Outlet 1/4" BSP female £11 ebay
Adjustable 60 PSI regulator (alternative, even cheaper) PROPANE BUTANE BURNER TORCH ADJUSTABLE GAS REGULATOR 0.5-4 Bar £9.35 ebay
Propane hose 2 m with connectors (3/8 inch female left-hand thread) £9.45 ebay Ian 1 £9.45
Four way splitters, OR... £10 + £12 P&P ebay / US import 2
...Equal-T joints £~ Gas Products Mouse 3 £11.48
Propane Tee Brass RV Fitting 3/8 Male Flare x 3/8 Male Flare x 1/4 Male Pipe £10 + £4 P&P ebay
Medium pressure gauge £
Manual ball / cutoff valve £4.63 + £4.74 p&p [1] Mouse 1 £9.03
Small / portable propane tank 3.9 kg £20.49 (gas, exc. deposit) Beeston Marina Ian 1 £20.49
PTFE Gas Thread Sealing Tape £0.60 Gas Products Mouse 2 £3.45
Compressed gas GHS labels (x24) £6.95 ebay Mouse 1 £6.95
Flammable GHS labels (x24) £6.95 ebay Mouse 1 £6.95
22mm pipe cutter £6.50 fix it all Mouse 1 £6.50
22mm copper pipe (per metre) £4.65 fix it all Mouse 2 £9.30
plumbers spanner (for 22/15 mm compression fitting nuts £1.99 fix it all Mouse 1 £1.99
20mm pipe screen gauze (hopefully can solder it into the end of the barrel) £2.15 ebay Mouse 1 £2.15
22mm compression end caps £1.25 fix it all Mouse 4 £5.00
Dry power fire extinguisher £11.79 ebay 2
24" Pipe Wrench £24.99 amazon Toby 1 £24.99