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We held a Hack the Space weekend from 18:00 on Friday 8th February to 18:00 Sunday 10th February (some jobs starting at 13:00). It was all hands on deck improving our space! This wiki page was intended to detail exactly what needed doing so that we were all working towards the same goals. Now that the weekend is over, this page shows what we were working on and our progress.

Many thanks to the many people who gave their time to make this a success.

Studio Flooring Replacement

As many are aware the studio flooring was in desperate need of replacement after many years of surviving. 2019 was time for new flooring. During this time we also reset LPS (Large Project Storage). Below are some of the jobs completed

Studio Floor Replacement
Job Day Deadline Volunteers Completed?
Empty the Craft Room Ongoing N/A Hairy Paul
Replacement of Craft Room Floor

Session 1: 09/01/19 7pm.

Session 2: 15/01/19 7pm.

Fri (daytime)

Hairy Paul, bobw,

danspencer101, HS2.5 Task force

Session 1: Carpet removed, Vinyl Cut.

Session 2: Hard Board and Vinyl Laid.

 Done (15/01/19)

Move Sewing Machines and Embroidery Machine Fri Hairy Paul The machines are now in the new craft room

 Done (29/01/19)

Move Tables & Chairs to Workshop Fri Fri  Done (08/02/2019)
Move Vending Machines Fri Fri Daniel  Done (08/02/2019)
Remove Bench to workshop Fri Fri  Done (08/02/2019)
Removal of Studio Floor Fri / Sat (Morn) Sat (AM)  Done (08/02/2019)
Prep floor for new flooring Sat Sat (PM)
  • Nails were hammered down.
  • Worst parts of the Floor were filled in with new bits of wood.
  • Stickiest parts of the floor had glue removed.

 Done (08/02/2019)

Lay new flooring Sat / Sun  Done (09/02/2019)
refix the door bars & make good. Sun
Move Tables & Chairs back to workshop Sun  Done (10/02/2019)
Move Vending Machines back Sun  Done (10/02/2019)
Tidy and Drinks Sun  Done (10/02/2019)

Progress Pictures

Clearing the Large Project Storage Area

Large Project Storage used to be here!
Large Project Storage
Job Day Deadline Volunteers Completed?
Give notice of intentions to Hackspace members 03/01/2019 - Sophie This was sent out in addition to Posters put up in the space

 Done (03/01/19)

Empty the main shelves, auditing projects as we go Friday 8th, 1pm - 8pm Friday 8th, 1pm - 8pm Sophie, Jymbob  Done (08/02/19)
Empty the temporary sheet storage, auditing projects as we go Friday 8th, 1pm - 8pm Friday 8th, 1pm - 8pm Sophie, Jymbob
Clear all corners and under tables of abandoned crap Friday 8th, 1pm - 8pm Friday 8th, 1pm - 8pm Sophie, Jymbob  Done (08/02/19)
Move all abandoned projects into the closed off area of 2.5 Friday 8th, 1pm - 8pm Friday 8th, 1pm - 8pm Sophie, Jymbob  Done (08/02/19)

The Large Project Storage has been cleared!

Thank you to all volunteers :)

"Active" projects have been moved to sheet storage over the weekend. All others have been moved to downstairs for a month.

PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing needs to be carried out to bring us in line with safety regulations. This job started on Saturday. It is simple to do and needs no special skills beyond being able to properly use and read the test equipment. Demonstrations were available from James Adams or James Taylor of Safety Team and Trustee fame.

Portable Appliance Testing Records (credit Alex Mann) http://nhpat.ocatelle.xyz/login/

Contact: Team: Safety (Slack) - James Taylor

See also


Many thanks to all those who participated in the PAT testing. Lots of appliances were tested and added to the relevant databases.

Miscellaneous Jobs

Fire Escape Signage

New fire escape signage has been hung around the hackspace.

 Done (10/02/2019)

Electrics within the workshop

Workshop lights were replaced

 Done (10/02/2019)

Washing the Lab Coats

Lab coats and overalls were taken home and given a good wash. Sparkly white now & fit for human habitation.

 Done (10/02/2019)

Move the Piano

The Piano was moved into the comfy area. The radiogram has not been moved.

 Done (10/02/2019)

Broken Toilet Seat

Broken lid

One of the toilet seats was broken.

There is a new shiny lid on the toilet now as this has been completed by some anonymous kind soul

 Done (24/01/19)

Leaking Tap

The hot tap in the upstairs toilet is leaking. This could do with being looked at before it gets any worse by someone with plumbing skills.

See Video:

Producing a Checklist of tools

Producing a list of tools is a task that can be worked on if you find yourself alone or you are working on PAT testing during the weekend, (see also Portable Appliance Testing Records at http://nhpat.ocatelle.xyz/login/). There is already a wiki page for this list that can be updated by anyone :)

The wiki page for the list is located here: Tool list

CNC Area

Loose tools sitting on the stepper controller

Dust shoe for CNC Mill

This is a low priority task that could be worked on if alone in the space during the shutdown. It will probably require some 3D Modelling skill.

The mill could potentially be fitted with a removable dust shoe that has an attachment for the hoover. Something that looks something like this: http://www.cncrouterparts.com/universal-cnc-dust-shoe-p-396.html

Tool Storage Rack

See: Project:CNC Tool Storage

The collets and tools are currently sitting loose on the stepper controller under the CNC PC monitor. I would like to get some kind of tool rack made to better organise the area. The rack should include provision space for more tools to be added in the future.