Large Project Storage

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Large Project Storage
Intended Use Temporarily keeping projects which are larger than personal members boxes.
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Floor Upstairs
Area Studio
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The shelves between the Comfy Area and the Studio make up the Large Project Storage (LPS).

Please note this storage is temporary, and should not be used for long term storage or for completed projects.

The LPS will be audited monthly, each Hack the Space Days.

ALL Projects on the Large Project Storage MUST have a sticker attached linked to your membership.

LPS Video

How to Print a "Do Not Hack" Label

The Do Not Hack Label Printer is on the right-hand side of the LPS shelves.

The Large Project Storage label printer
A Large Project Storage label
  1. Log into HMS
  2. Click on "Projects"
  3. If you need to, create a new project using the "Add New Project" button and entering the project details
  4. Click "Print DNH Label" next to your project.
  5. The label will be printed from the printer on the large project storage shelves.

Remember to keep your label up to date when you work on it. Keep your label clearly visible on your project.

We’d like to remind everyone that the only official storage space is either your membership storage box, the Large Project Shelves (LPS), or the sheet and wood storage area. If your project is too large for any of these areas, please check on the Google Groups mailing list before leaving it in the hackspace.

Audit process

Each month the LPS is audited for projects that fall under the following criteria:

  • No DNH label attached
  • No name or date on a DNH label
  • A date older than three months of the date of audit

Any project falling under one (or more) of the above will have a Notice of Donation label applied, a photo taken, and a list of the projects marked as such posted to the Google Group. Please see below for information on how Notice of Donation labels work.

This process is laid out in full on the guide.


In February 2019, the Large Project Storage area was cleared of a lot of rammel at the Hack the Space Days event.

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