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Following the nearly unanamous vote at the AGM on 2015-12-03, Hackspace 2.5 is going to happen!

We will rent additional units on the ground floor of Roden House, beneith our current location. Below are 4 images - outline plans of our current space and the new units, and a potential way we could use this space - this is purely for illustrative purposes and is likely to change a lot!

The space will allow us to increase the size of most of our most used spaces, and will give us room for bigger, better, tools. We will be able to put stairs and disabled access throughout the space, and move our “front door” to ground, step free, level. A space downstairs could become a bigger “blue room”/classroom, which we could make into a bookable resource. The large space downstairs has some concrete flooring, which could change what tools we can use. In short, there are huge opportunities!

It doesn’t tick all the boxes - there is no outside space and it doesn’t fix our parking issues, but it would be a massive improvement on what we have now.

What is the money for

This is an incomplete list of capital expenditure items with ESTIMATES of the cost for each:

Item Estimated cost
Deposit £4850
Lighting £2400
Electrics (normal) £1200
Electrics (3 phase) £500
Internal staircase £1500
Roller shutter £1200
Double front doors £1500
Access ramp £1000
Windows (may be able to get bizspace to cover) ?
Window bars £500
Toilet rework (metal area) £500
Toilet rework (cnc area) £500
Internal double doors (storage to laser) £100
Internal double doors (laser to cnc) £100
Internal double doors (metal to members storage) £100
Wifi AP's £112.04
Network switches £50
Network cat5 (cable, sockets, backbox) £200
Infrastructure automations bits (RFID etc) £200
Desks 8 of (blue room and others) £600
Blue room chairs £200
Members box shelving (wood build) £200
Storage shelving (metal brought) £624
Paint £50

List of pledges

Moved here


Current space
New space
Current space, zoned
New space, zoned


Photos of the space prior to the cleaning day on 12/12/2015:

Photos during/after the cleaning day:

Photos from building racking units in G4 (Infrastructure Storage), December 2016:

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