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Upgrade plan

Arduino Mega

  • has it been borrowed permanently?
    • It's running the LED board. Need to replace with another Mega.
  • build a shield to speed up and simplify assembly
    • etched at hackspace!
    • Probably an enclosure that connects the shield permanently to a bunch of sockets.

Connectors and cabling for the lasers and detectors

  • use what we have a lot of!
  • 3.5mm audio jacks and 2 core speaker cable or similar
  • how many connectors do we need? About 12?
    • We'll be running a dozen or so wires, which will need connectors at each end. Whatever you think would work would be much appreciated, but the closer we can get it to something that can just be plugged in without any tools, the better. --Davidhayward 10:31, 10 October 2011 (EST)

12x 3.5mm mono chassis sockets http://www.brewerelectrics.co.uk/product.php/section/3159/sn/752.471UK

If mounted in a box there is no time or convenience saving in having a shield. Just have port extenders to the sockets on the box -- wired strips of pins to each grouping on the Mega.