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(List of pledges)
(List of pledges)
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| Bob Wood || £30 || Yes || xfer (Confirmed)
| Bob Wood || £30 || Yes || xfer (Confirmed)
| Marky || £100 || Yes || --
| Marky || £100 || Yes || (Confirmed)

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We have had an offer to buy a variety of tools, including a very nice lathe and milling/boring machine.

The offer expires on Monday 6th June, so we must act fast!

Items for Sale

  • Warco GH-1330 lathe with a large quantity of tools and accessories,
  • Wabeco 11400 milling and boring machine also with a large quantity of tools and accessories,
  • Record DMD 24A drill press,
  • Axminster MB115 metal cutting bandsaw,
  • Clarke CBG 6RSC bench grinder,
  • Creusen buffing machine,
  • Various other small tools etc.

Most of the equipment is about 12 years old, has been used for light work with aluminium and plastics and has been fastidiously maintained.


List of pledges

Please post on the google group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need to have someone else to update this.

Please pay with the reference PLEDGETL-XX where XX is your initials

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
jjelly £200 No --
'RepRap' Matt £200 Yes Xfer (Confirmed)
Tom Grover £250 Yes Xfer (Confirmed)
RussellH £40 No --
Matt Little £30 No --
Mouse £30 Yes (ref:PLEDGETL-MG) (Confirmed)
Peter Page £15 Yes PP (Confirmed)
Phil Parry £50 Yes xfer (ref PLEDGETL-PCP) (Confirmed)
Paul Meynell £50 Yes (Confirmed)
Christopher Parsons £10 No --
Kai Pays £10 Yes KP (Confirmed)
Nick Miller £50 Yes (Confirmed)
Dominic £20 No --
James Fowkes £15 Yes xfer (ref PLEDGETL-JF) (Confirmed)
ESPER Design / g2 Innovation £150 Yes PLEDGETL-EG
John Bell £15 No --
Steve Barnett £10 Yes xfer (ref PLEDGETL-SB) (Confirmed)
Emily Roe £20 No --
Ian D £50 Yes Xfer PLEDGETL-ID (Confirmed)
Mike Haber £20 Yes xfer PLEDGE-MH (Confirmed)
Bob Wood £30 Yes xfer (Confirmed)
Marky £100 Yes (Confirmed)