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Some of the tools and equipment at the Hackspace are provided on a long term loan basis and even if they've become Hackspace 'fixtures' can be recalled by the owner if their circumstances and needs change.

These items are no different to 'donated' and 'our own' items - all should be kept maintained and used safely, and repaired or replaced if damaged.

Document Register

Tool Owner ID Date loaned Date return Comments Looks Like
Metal (Abrasive) Chop Saw NHLTL0001 N/A N/A To be donated elsewhere - too messy and noisy.
(Red) Laser Cutter Dominic NHLTL0002 Removed from Hackspace
½" Router ??? NHLTL0003 Unknown Status (14/8/19)
Sliding chop saw John Higham NHLTL0004 Unknown Status (14/8/19)
2 Large Irwin quick clamps John Higham NHLTL0005 Unknown Status (14/8/19)
SE-CNC-1 CNC Machine Alex S NHLTL0006 March 2019 Dec 2019 Never commissioned unfortunately
Greyfin A2 Laser Cutter Dominic NHLTL0007 August 2019 Planning (14/8/19)

Paperwork Complete, Laser is in the hackspace (04/09/2019)

Removed 2021.

When a tool is loaned to the space on a long term basis, it is important that we keep a formal record of the loan and establish responsibility and expectations. To do this, the long term loan agreement form is used.

Master copies of these documents will be kept archived on the Trustee google drive for at least the duration of the loan.

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