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Tool Triumph.JPG
Manufacturer Triumph
Model Drawer Unit
Location Workshop
Team Tools
Induction Required
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Status Defunct
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This is a grey 15-drawer cabinet in the workshop where miscellaneous tools are stored.


Currently, drawers are allocated to:

  • Gimlets
  • Layout tools, Squares, etc.
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Picture Frame Clamps
  • Pop rivets (in compartmented box) 2
  • Rasps for Wood
  • Ring and Combination Spanners
  • Sockets and Box Spanners
  • Spray Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Various spare stocks of drills, blades for yellow bandsaw, etc.
  • Wood Augurs, Tank Cutter, Forstner Bits
  • Wood Augurs 2

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To Do

Not all drawers are labelled - It is probably time that the pair of cabinets (Bisley and Triumph) were re-organised and sorted as a single resource.