2011-08-28 Minutes

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Action Overview

Action Agenda Point Responsible Due Date
Organise Meetings 2 JH 31/09/2011
Incorporate 3 JH & MLl 07/09/2011
Open Savings Account 4 DM 31/09/2011
Buy lamps 4 DM 31/09/2011
Set up new process for events 5 DM & JH 14/09/2011
Set up Mouse and Marcus on website 6 JH 31/08/2011
Update Blog and Site 6 Mouse & Marcus Ongoing
Represent HSNOTTS at UKHF 8 DM & DH Ongoing
Set up tools wishlist 9 DM & Marcus ?
Work out purchasing order of "big tools" 9 Marcus ?
Buy fruit 9 Marcus 31/08/2011

1. Roll Call

Board Members

This meeting was quorate


2. New Meeting Format

Decided to continue with open meetings, and try them out monthly.

3. Incorporation Update

Matt Little hasn't had time to progress incorporation. Previously agreed £100 budget. JH and MLl to sort next week

4. Financial Update

MLl gives financial details for benefit of non-board members. (link to wiki page to follow)

Savings at £328. Savings account to be opened when bank updated after incorporation.

Talk segways into lighting. Agreed to get some lamps. Budget agreed at £100

5. Event Registration

event registration to move to eventbrite, rating still on website.

Events: need a good calendar of events for future. DM would like a template to list events easily. Another open day just after students come.

Template to also update blog with summary

6. Web Site

mouse and Marcus to update website and start blogging

7. UK Hack Camp

London hackspace going to run uk hack camp. guys to talk to London at maker faire next weekend

8. UK Hackspace Foundation

Previous structure of London hackspace provided high risk with the increase in size of other hackspaces. UK Hackspace Foundation now set up to look out for the interests of UK Hackspaces.

DM approved as representative from HSNOTTS, DH also interested in getting involved.

9. AOB

Marcus: Big Tools

"We need some big tools."

MLl says we are missing smaller power tools, such as soldering station, battery driver, etc. DM suggested strategy of breaking each area up and produce wish list, then donations with backspace matching to buy things.

Dominic suggested gaining sponsorship from machine mart for larger tools.

DM and Marcus to split areas up and wish list

Marcus to sort big tools

Marcus: Healthy Food

Marcus to buy £5 of fresh fruit each Wednesday, paid for from snackspace.

DM: Marketing and Membership

Need to think about getting more people aware of the space. Agreed that concentration needs to be on events and web content at the moment, with maybe posters up in the space.

MLl: Nanode Workshop

Ken Boak has suggested a date in September for workshop with HSNOTTS paying for fuel and food. Decided to push back to November, HSNOTTS not paying for fuel or food.