2018-11-22 AGM Agenda/Special Resolutions Explained

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As part of improving engagement, these are explanations for the special resolutions.

Special Resolution 1 - General Meetings

Emergency General Meetings (EGM)

Changing the Constitution so that:

  • EGMs should only have one item on the agenda
  • EGMs can have more than one item if they're closely related
  • Members need to be told about the EGM
  • Agenda needs to be sent at the same time as members are told

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Changing the Constitution so that:

  • All members must be given 28 days' notice of the AGM
  • Members can submit items to the agenda once the notice is given and have 14 days to do so
  • Trustees consider all submissions and group into three categories:
  1. AGM
  2. Members' Meeting
  3. Unsuitable
  • Agenda is sent to all members at least 7 days before the AGM
  • All items categorised as AGM must be on the agenda
  • Along with the agenda, Trustees must notify all members of all submitted items and how they have been categories

Definition Change

Clear Days (used in the Constitution for the amendments above):

  • The period between when the notice for something is happening and when it happens.

Special Resolution 2 - AGM Quorate Requirements


Changing the Constitution so that the AGM is quorate if more than 15% of members attend (currently it's 20%)

AGM Not Being Quorate

If the AGM doesn't reach quorate, we can still have the meeting.


  • All members will be asked to participate in an online vote
  • The vote will be for approving the minutes and voting on the agenda items
  • The level of participation for the online vote needs to be equivalent to the level needed for the meeting to be quorate

Special Resolution 3 - Trustee Terms and Elections

Term Limits

Changing the Constitution so that:

  • Trustees are limited to two consecutive terms
  • If you were a trustee, you can stand to be a trustee again after one year of not being a trustee

Trustee Nominations

Changing the Constitution so that:

  • The number of nominations needs to be at least one more than the number of open positions
  • If there aren't enough nominations, the current nominations will be made public, and there'll be a new period for nominations
  • If, after the second time, there still aren't enough nominations, the Trustees will talk to the members and the wider hackspace community to see what's happening.
  • During this consultation, the Hackspace is closed