2019-05-25 Election

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The nomination window is now closed.

The election will start on the 25th May this year and it will run for 7 days. All members, no matter how remote, will be able to vote.

The election will take place electronically using OpaVote.

Our returning officer for this election is James Fowkes, who will set up and handle the OpaVote system for the election.

You will receive an individual voting email to your HMS registered email address.

These four trustees have reached the end of their term:

  • James Taylor
  • Matt LLoyd
  • Andrew Hood
  • Ian Dickinson

There are four open positions, and the following members have put themselves forward to be trustees.

Photo Nominee
ElectionMay2019 MThompson.png
Mark Thompson
My first words as a boy were "Run, List, & Load", as my dad had me on his knee when he was programming. My first language was AMOS (Amiga) and have dabbled in languages since then. Of late I have used a lot of MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I have built PCs for friends and family since I can remember.

I have taught myself guitar, bass, and am currently learning the drums.

I own Cryptology Escape Rooms which have branches in Nottingham (my home), Sheffield, and Barnsley. This takes up a lot of my time, but the I am a regular user of Hackspace for the laser cutter and larger tools. I really want to learn about the CNC machine.

I see tonnes of potential for Hackspace, but am conscious is it designed to be a not-for-profit organisation.

ElectionMay2019 EPodgorski.jpg
Eddie Podgorski
My background is of Marketing and Business Development. I worked in Asia for 10 years for a Construction Chemical company initially in Hong Kong for 3 and a half years prior to moving to Guangzhou, China for a further 3 and a half years and was responsible for setting up the whole marketing function across numerous offices for the company, in various cities in China. I spent a further 3 years plus in Thailand following this.

I was a member of Hackspace previously but lapsed my membership when I was working in Huddersfield for a couple of years. Since returning to Nottingham I have rejoined Hackspace and feel many changes have happened no least there being many new members, but I also feel that somewhat of the social aspects has dismissed. One of the agendas I would try to be strongly be part of would be to help create a more social feel to the space. This would not be just trying to organise say a Christmas party or Halloween party but also workshops which seem all too few these days. I also would like to help use my Marketing and Business Development skills to help further try get new members, as daytime use during the week the space does seem underused generally.

ElectionMay2019 SBarratt.jpg
Samathy Barratt
Samathy is a 20-something Nottingham based software engineer and hardware tinkerer. She has been visiting the hackspace since 2016 and a member since 2018 and would very much like to join the board of trustees.

Before moving to Nottingham in 2018 Samathy was a trustee of the Coventry Pride charity for 3 years. This included taking on the vice chair role for a year. She can offer several years of experience in running a charity, building communities and organising people. She enjoys providing much-needed safe, accessible and enjoyable spaces and events to diverse and minority communities.

Samathy is passionate about people and wants to bring her experience in community building to help make NottingHack an even better place for its members. Fascinated by the things other makers make, and extremely grateful for the facilities herself, Samathy has the skills and desire to help support the NottingHack organisation. She would relish the chance to spend more time at the building with the people who make the makerspace magical and would love to learn more from and about them.

ElectionMay2019 DSpencer.jpg
Dan Spencer
Hi, I’m Dan.

We may not have met as I’m a fairly new member but you will have no doubt seen my many posts either on Slack or the Google Group about the CNC Area, workshops I'm running or the wiki. I guess you could say I’m a fresh pair of eyes; I’m full of ideas, not afraid to challenge the status quo and am excited to see how I can support this amazing community in the next two years.

I’ve been passionate about making things since I was very young and was very fortunate to have completed an engineering apprenticeship in addition to my degree. This has given me not only a whole bunch of ‘making’ skills, that I’m itching to share, but also organisational, interpersonal and presentation/ documentation skills that I believe are ideal traits of a trustee.

Things I’ve contributed in the short time since I joined:

  • Overhauling this wiki - I've got 2134 Edits to the Wiki as of writing this.

Things I’d like to do as a Trustee/ Member in the future:

  • Empower members to run workshops & skill share.
  • Empower & diversify teams.
  • Train more metalworking inductors
  • Continue making the Wiki the best that it can be.
  • Championing Events. I’m an outdoorsy type person and love getting out to places and seeing cool stuff.
  • Make the CNC Router as widely used as the Laser.

Some may think I haven’t been at the space long enough to be a trustee but I'm more than willing and think I have demonstrated in everything I've done so far that I can be relied upon to do a good job.

ElectionMay2019 DMarshall.png
Dom Marshall
Hi, Im Dominic Marshall, like many of you Im a creative. I have over 30 years experience building, making designing and creating. I run my own small business offering architectural design and build services in Nottingham. I have worked as prop maker in theatres, sculptor with theme parks, public monuments and both large and small residential architectural schemes. I love what i do.

First discovering Hackspace last year, what a great space. It is a perfect platform for creative's to meet, make, play, develop and create.

I really appreciate the benefits of having become a member and encourage others to do so at every opportunity. I want this space to be better and believe becoming a trustee will help me, help you, make this a more inclusive and accessible space for all users both now and going forward.