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Membership team
Started September 2015
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The aim of the Membership Team is to be first response for all membership queries by email, as well as handle tours and any queries relating to membership by users.


The Membership Team is responsible for:

  • Tours for prospective members on Open Nights, and training other members on how to provide adequate tours
  • Assist Trustees in running Open Days/parties
  • Ensure the wiki is up to date on enrolling new members on HMS
  • Ensure the wiki is up to date with useful New Members information
  • Set up RFID cards for new members
  • Respond to emails sent to
  • Check and approve contact details submitted by members
  • Audit Members Storage boxes to ensure ex members boxes are emptied
  • Updating the Member Handbook
  • Assisting with the in depth tours for new members on “using the space”
  • Completing monthly member audits, warning members when a payment is not received and removing members after 2 months of non-payment, to allow for account issues/transfers/missed payments et al.
  • Monitoring stock of RFID cards and Membership Boxes
  • Purchasing additional RFID cards and Membership Boxes

The Membership Team is not responsible for:

  • Running workshops or events
  • Sending out the newsletter/communications (responsibility of the Communications Team)
  • Marketing to new members


  • Email queries must be responded to within 48 hours
  • Contact details must be approved within 24 hours
  • One member of the membership team needs to be in the space every Wednesday, from 6:30pm until 9:00pm.


There must be at least 4 people on the Membership Team to ensure one person can attend once per month on a Wednesday. Solution: Rota to be in place to ensure coverage. Discord to be used to discuss absences If the Membership Team fails, new members may not receive a high quality tour on arrival. Solution: Ensure tour handbook is up to date and those members giving tours are comfortable and aware of the handbook. If the Membership Team fails, new members may not be able to receive their RFID card and be inducted into the space. Solution: Ensure this process is documented and accessible via Discourse/elsewhere If the Membership Team fails, new members may not be approved or given the correct information to set up their standing order. Solution: Ensure this process is documented and accessible via Discourse/elsewhere Solutions are in place to ensure these points of failure do not occur. Support may be needed from other members/Trustees on recruiting high quality staff for the team.

Person Specification

In order to be on the Membership Team, you must:

  • Be fluent in English
  • Be confident when dealing with people of varying ages and backgrounds
  • Be understanding of different cultures and capable of dealing with people without causing offence
  • Be able to attend at least 1 out of every 4 Wednesday evenings
  • Be able to attend Open Days/Events as much as possible, discussing presence required on Discord beforehand
  • Be comfortable using Discord as a means of communication
  • Be happy to follow the guidelines in the Hackspace Tour Guide without deviating off the content outlined in the guide to any extreme
  • Be clean and well presented in order to provide prospective Hackspace members with a good impression of the Hackspace

You will be removed from the Membership Team if:

  • You fail to attend your allocated Wednesday monthly/Open Day without good cause
  • You fail to respond to important queries from the other members of the team/emails by the deadline given in each email.
  • You behave inappropriately towards other members of the Hackspace/prospective members
  • You go AWOL for 10 weeks with no notice on Discord or via email communication

Membership Team members will:

  • Have access to HMS in order to register new members
  • Have access to HMS in order to approve contact details
  • Receive the emails
  • Have access to HMS in order to check PIN numbers and assign new RFID cards for members
  • Be able to reset PIN numbers for members that have lost their RFID card/got a new card
  • Have access to the Membership Discord

Rota for weekly Membership Tours

Weekly Rota