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  • In the Chair: Betty Ching
  • Taking Minutes: Steve Barnett
  • Location: Blue Room and Zoom
# Item Notes Owner
1 Roll call All
2 Announcements and Events Combat Robotics workshop went well

Hack the Space weekend - Sat 13th

Informal combat robot tournament - Mon 15th evening

Welding and Milling / Turning Workshops

Betty will run crafternoon on Sun 21st 1pm

Nottingham Green Festival, Sun 11th Sept, volunteers and projects needed - Ian D coordinating

Members on an older version of Zoom will need to upgrade.

3 Actions & Minutes of Last Meeting 5th July - Members Meeting Trustees
4 Financial Update Financials 2022 June Andrew Armstrong
5 Team updates Updates from teams around the Hackspace Teams
6 Fire and Health and Safety Tablesaw is still being investigated by Bob Trustees
7 Minimum Membership Payments Trustees
8 Any Other Business All
Note Note: Any Other Business. That is for items that are prompted by discussion during the meeting.