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The hackspace has a number of small, self-governing teams that maintain particular areas. All teams have a channel in the team slack where they work. If you are interested in joining a team, come and join us in slack ( Please note, however, that slack is not a way for you to ask for things to be done - it's purely for teams to organise between themselves.

Each team is ultimately responsible to the Trustees.

There are a range of Team Tools and Resources available for teams to work productively.

So far, our current teams are:

3D Printing

The 3D Printing team keeps the 3D Printers running and functional, as well as offering inductions.

They can be contacted on


The Communications team look after our outward facing presence, such as our website, newsletter, twitter and facebook. More details can be found at Team:Communications, or email

Craft & Textiles

The Craft & Textiles Team aim to develop the craft area into an exciting, appealing area for all those interested in crafts - be it textiles, painting, sewing, pastels, wax, candles, dressmaking or design. For more info please email


The Electronics Team keeps the Electronics area of the space stocked with consumables, the tools functional and maintained. They can be contacted on


The Infrastructure team looks after the Hackspace's infrastructure, and they can be contacted on


The Laser team look after the Laser Cutter in the space, including inductions. They can be contacted on


The Membership team look after member admin duties, from running HMS and answering questions of new and prospective members, to conducting tours during Open Nights. Email:


The Metalworking team looks after the Hackspace's metal working area, and they can be contacted on


The Network Team looks after the Hackspace's networking, and they can be contacted on


The Resources Team look after all the communal consumables in the space that we need again and again, from toilet roll to Stanley knife blades. Requests from members are accepted and encouraged. For now look at our wiki page and email:


The safety team page is at Team:Safety. They can be contacted on


The Snackspace team looks after the Hackspace's vending machine, drinks and snacks, and they can be contacted on


The Software team are a small group of programmers that develop bespoke software for running the hackspace. From Gatekeeper to Snackspace and HMS, the hackspace wouldn't run without this level of automation. There's plenty more to do. Nottinghack Github account here. Email:


The tools team is starting to look at all our tools to see what further tools we need, and what may need replacing. If you would like to help email: There is a wiki page here.


The Woodworking Team looks after the Hackspace's dusty area and tools, and they can be contacted on

Occasional teams