Antique Banjolele Restoration

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Antique Banjolele Restoration
Primary Contact Michael Erskine
Created 18/07/2013
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Another luthier project: antique banjolele restoration

I was blessed to be given this antique banjolele to restore. Many thanks to Lionel and his long departed uncle "AB" -- I will try my best to make this beautiful instrument sing again!


We have found an almost identical

Back Repair

I used a heat gun and sharp blade to release the remaining old hide glue holding the back in place. For a quick fix of the crack I just filled it with glue. If I had more time to spend on it I would be tempted to make an invisible repair but I can always go back to that later if required. After some cleanup and sanding I simply glued it back into place with modern wood glue.


I hand carved a bridge from a small piece of mystery hardwood that has the right colouration at least!


We are looking for a soprano set (13" scale length) of quality strings e.g. Aquila brand...

OK, I have now purchased a set and I'm looking forward to stringing it up!