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Who's doing what

  • Michael E: Investigating servo pinch valve
    • this will be timed rather than measured so calibration of each valve is required per ingredient
    • one valve per ingredient bottle
    • Tower Pro SG90 9g Servo - have one for prototyping - DX bulk order - cheap
    • laser cut mech
    • 6mm soft silicon tubing - check HS consumables -
    • Arduino servo control shield and code
    • bottle interface
      • cork/bung with hole - cheap pourers with silicone sleeve
      • bottle is inverted
      • bottle needs holder of course.
      • Bottle holder: hose clamps/rapstraps, presentation aspects, changeability,
  • Michael: investigate peristaltic pumps
  • spills and mess, hygiene and cleanup

I now have 2 types of 6mm tubing: cheap plastic from wilkos and some more expensive silicone tubing from the Range -- Michael Erskine 1 April 2014

I have ordered a cheap 2l bottle fizzy drink tap from a HK ebay seller - these might be a cheap answer for carbonated mixers -- Michael Erskine 1 April 2014

Fizzy drink tap arrived and looks good - I shall bring it to Hackspace tomorrow along with a 2l bottle of cola -- Michael Erskine 13 April 2014

I won an eBay auction for 6 optics!

  • Michael E: co2 pressurised fizzy system -- Michael Erskine 08:24, 30 April 2014 (EST)
    • I have a good design that has been approved by professionals!
    • I have ordered more taps and a low-pressure regulator from eBay
    • we have suitable low-pressure tubing at the space