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This pledge was for the Silhouette Cameo cutter, which can cut through vinyl, card, fabric and paper up to 12inch wide.

We can get this machine for £285 (, and it comes with 6,000 fonts, 100 designs built in, as software that is both modern and supports things such as bluetooth and Windows 10.

The Cameo also supports automated cutting heads, has two carriages (so draw and cut operations can be done in one pass) plus registration marks for aligment, and more.

The Roland that is currently in the blue room works, however it's not exactly easy to operate. The Cameo would be a great replacement/addition to it

Stretch Goals

The below goals will be our first buys if we go over the current goal. Alternatively we can get the machine without materials for £20 less, and pick one of these up instead.

£25 - Upgrade to Silhouette Designer Pro, to allow for SVG imports and other such wonderful items.

£25 - Additional 12x24" cutting mat. Twice the cutting area!

List of pledges

Please only post on the Google Group mailing list if you really, truly have forgotten your HMS password and need to have someone else to update this.

Who How Much Paid? Method Paid
Froggy £20 Yes HSCAMEOAF (confirmed)
Kate £40 Yes Transfer (confirmed)
James £20 No --
Arthur £20 Yes Transfer (Confirmed)
Eithin £20 No --
mathw £20 No --
Ian D £20 Yes Ref: HSCAMEOID (Confirmed)
moop £20 Yes Ref: HSCAMEOSB (Confirmed)
Chris P £5 Yes Transfer (Confirmed)
bobw £20 yes xfer (Confirmed)
Andrew Walters £20 yes HSCAMEOAW
Marky Domleo £20 Yes Ref: HSCAMEOXXMD(Confirmed)
Michael E £10 Yes Ref: HSCAMEOME (Confirmed)
Skag £20 Yes Ref: HSCAMEORS