Carpenters bench

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A heavy workbench for general woodworking, with two heavy-duty woodworkers' vices.

looks Like

(Photos to follow Dclarke (talk) 06:28, 4 February 2014 (EST))

Rebuilt from a base of a school-workshop bench, this has been raised to suit adult use and substantial solid tops added.

Fitted with two 'Record' vices, one has a 'dog' allowing work to be clamped between it and a fixed stop on the other side of the bench (see photo to follow Dclarke (talk) 06:28, 4 February 2014 (EST))

The trough down the middle allows tools in use to be kept handy while not interrupting the overall working area.

The tops overhang the centre trough, allowing clamps to be used at all points along the length of the bench.

To Do

Some work to clean up the edges of the top needs to be done, and then a coat of stain / varnish on the underframe will complete the bench.

Planing and true-ing the top may be necessary after the bench has been used for a while.