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Combat Robotics
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Version 1 NH Antweight Rules

See RobotWars101 for the full Antweight rules and the FRA for general combat robotics rules in the UK. All of these rules/guidelines should be followed unless there is an exception below.

Weight Limit

  • The robot should weigh no more than 150g
  • If it weighs a bit more than 150g, then that's probably fine as long as you're not obviously cheating

Size Limit

  • There is no limit on the robot's dimensions (the 4" cube rule is not enforced)
  • If you are obviously trying to gain an advantage purely by making the robot gigantic, then you will need to be less obvious

Note: if you want to participate at other events around the UK, be aware that enforcement of the 4" cube varies a lot

Open Arena

  • All fights will take place without an enclosure
  • The following weapons are therefore not allowed:
    • Flywheels or other kinetic energy spinning weapons
    • Circular saws or drills
    • High-energy springs

This is not an exhaustive list and the marshal will review the safety of every robot during tech checks.

Recommended parts and build instructions

There are some great guides to building on the Bristol Bot Builders site, and they also sell antweight robot parts, including a complete antweight kit - this does require a suitable transmitter, or a paired transmitter/receiver though!

Alternatively, you can buy a complete, ready-to-drive antweight kit from Team SC or Nuts and Bots

Most of the parts and materials you need can be obtained from RC hobby shops, eBay and so on as well, although there is a dearth of tiny lipo batteries suitable for antweights. A couple of decent options are:

For general advice there is some great information on the FRA and RW101 forums - these are not very active these days though, so if you have a specific question you may not get an answer for a few days/months/years. There's also a new BBB forum, which has less of an archive of information but is more active so there's more chance of getting a response to a post there.

There are some useful groups on Facebook, and this is probably a better bet if no one on the Slack channel can help:

... and finally, don't forget to keep in mind the rules from the FRA and RW101.

Inaugural Event - 30th of April 2022!

Attendees list
Roboteer Name Robot
Sam Roberts Twisted Lifter
Sam Roberts Chewdas Priest
Becky Dowson Thwack Sabbath
Simon Lindsay Alice Scooper
Steve Barnett Cheese Dreams
Steve Barnett Time For Crab!

Workshop Event 23rd July 2022

Read all about the workshop event here. This well-attended event was won by Mr Confusion.

Workshop Event 6th May 2023

No page for it, but we built on the success of the previous event and had decent attendance.

Hactivate October 2023

Our first public tournament - read about it here.

Event Reports

Event Report from AWS 67 - 29 April 2023


Slideshow by McMullet from 23-03-2022

Workshop event organisation