Dymo Labelwriter

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Dymo Labelwriter
Tool Dymo Labelwriter 400.jpg
Manufacturer Dymo
Model Model 400 Label Printer
Location Blue Room
Team Tools
Induction Required No
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Status Defunct
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There is a model 400 label printer in the Blue Room.

The latest driver program is installed on the Windows Partition of Quorra.

To use, simply plug the printer into a USB port on the PC, connect the power, and run the program (on the desktop).

The supplied labels are 36mm x 89mm and are suitable for many labelling tasks in the Hackspace. An example is stuck to the front ot the printer. Other sizes of label are available - think £15-20 per box (2 rolls) of about 500 labels.

The design program allows for import of logos and graphics, which can then be used for single, or runs (numbered, or from a data list, etc.) of labels.

Although the proprietary labels are expensive (about 3p each) the quality is good for a 'thermal paper' label, and the cost is considerably less than the labels used in the Brother P-Touch labeller.