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Info page for Sophie & Rob mostly. Feel free to chip in if required.

Action List

This action list has been derived from the notes further down the page, please add anything that you think is missing and update any information you have about the current items in the list. The table below explains the meaning of the three statuses.

Status Description
UNKNOWN We have no idea on the current status of this item, please update if known.
PENDING This item has been actioned, see comment, please update to READY when complete.
READY This item is ready to be taken to EMF and can be found in the specified location. Items with this status must have a location specified.

We need to aim to get the location of all the items that are not already at EMF Camp down to either the "Infrastructure Store" or the "EMF Pile" which is located on the cutting table in the studio. There are some exceptions which include items which are not feasible to deliver to the Hackspace before EMF and need to be collected en route although we want to keep these to an absolute minimum.

Category Item Responsible Location Comment Status
POWER Block of 14 sockets for the Nottinghack Village Matt Lloyd EMF Camp READY
POWER Extension leads from the space Rob Hunt Electronics Area Tested and labelled READY
FOOD Sriracha Michael E EMF Pile Some has arrived in the EMF pile READY
FOOD Gas hobs and fuel Sophie Kitchen Need a full bottle of gas for the dual burner, David C to sort out. PENDING
FOOD Vicki's BBQ Vicki Vicki's Will be delivered to the space on Wed 27th PENDING
FOOD Toaster Sophie Kitchen Will need to be packed up on Wed 27th READY
FOOD Tea Urn Sophie Kitchen Will need to be packed up on Wed 27th READY
FOOD Coffee, tea & donations pot Sophie EMF Pile re-labelled the textiles donation tin READY
FOOD Polystyrene cups, plastic cutlery etc. Sophie EMF Pile unused supply from kitchen READY
FOOD Bin bags, hand sanitizer, toilet roll, kitchen roll, washing up liquid, washing up bowl Sophie EMF Pile READY
FOOD Fridge/Freezer Toby Toby's Arrange collection READY
LIGHTING 2x double tubes, 4x single tubes, 1 emergency light, 2 LED lights Rob Hunt Infrastructure Store READY
LIGHTING Fairy Lights Kate EMF Pile Kate to supply lights from home READY
MUSIC Michael E's Sound System Rob Hunt, Sophie EMF Pile READY
PROJECT Air Hockey Rob Hunt Studio Aim to have something by weekend, may revert to 2 player version PENDING
PROJECT ISS Tracker James F, Michelle S Studio James/Michelle currently away, ask for update at weekend UNKNOWN
PROJECT Alcohol Fogger Toby Studio READY
PROJECT Laser Material Dominic Dominic to arrange own transportation of materials READY
TABLES 8 Ordered Matt Lloyd EMF Camp READY
CHAIRS 20 chairs, 6 hay bales Matt Lloyd EMF Camp READY
NETWORK Network Switch Matt Lloyd EMF Pile Network switch for the village READY
CAMPING Vicki's Marquee - Canvas Rob Hunt Infrastructure Store Heavy, will need at least 2 people to move READY
CAMPING Vicki's Marquee - Poles Vicki Vicki's Arrange collection PENDING
CAMPING James H's Marquee - Top and Sides James H EMF Pile On the floor next to cutting table PENDING
CAMPING James H's Marquee - Poles James H James H's In Dominic's van, to be added to EMF Pile PENDING
CAMPING James H's Firepit James H James H's In Dominic's van, to be added to EMF Pile PENDING
CAMPING Wood for firepit Rob H EMF Pile May not last the weekend READY
CAMPING Tarpauling and ground sheets Rob H, Sophie Workshop On top of spray booth, need to decide which ones we want to take READY
CAMPING Water carrier 10L+ with tap if possible James H, Kate EMF Pile Discussed on mailing list READY
MISC Games Sophie, Anyone Blue Room Can probably sort out on Wed 27th UNKNOWN
MISC Toolkit: cable ties, rapstraps, tape, scissors, string Rob H, Anyone EMF Pile In event box READY
MISC Events box, foundation stuff, banner, duck (Ein) Rob H, Anyone EMF Pile Don't forget the duck READY
MISC Trolley/Sack Barrow Rob H Workshop Take the one with the big tyres as it will be better in a field READY
HACKING Badge Kits Matt Little, Sophie, Rob H Boards and batteries still to arrive, should be able to pack kits on Wed 27th PENDING
HACKING Projector Screen Sophie, Anyone EMF Pile For use in the workshop tent READY
MISC banjo, power cable reel, juggling things, puzzles Michael E Added to the EMF pile but needs boxing PENDING

Attendee Packing List

Aside from the official packing list at: https://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Packing_List we have put together a few suggestions:

Item Reason
Decent quality long extension lead If you want power to your tent
4-way extension lead or similar Plugs will be limited, bring to ensure you have enough for your devices
Teacup Having your own teacup you can re-use will help us out
Medication Bring your own pain killers/hangover cures, we do not supply this! First aiders will be on site.
Camping Chairs Chairs have been ordered for village use, bring your own to guarantee a place to sit and for your own tent.
Long Ethernet cable If you want ethernet in your tent
Micro USB cables The EMF badge charges via a micro USB cable and you'll probably want a spare for your phone/kindle/tablet etc.
Torch It gets dark at night
Rubber Mallet To help put up your own tent and others
Drinks There is a bar but you might want to bring spirits or other drinks for yourself.
Snacks To keep your going between meals
Toiletries Stuff to wash with, towels, toothbrush etc.
Raincoat and Wellies It will probably rain at some point and it's in a field
Sun Cream There might be sun at some point and you'll be outdoors
Bug Spray It's near water and some people have tasty blood
Jumpers, Jacket and Hoodies It will be cold at night and you'll be outdoors


Below are notes from the discussion on Wednesday 13th Aug.


  • For the Village, Matt Lloyd is organising 14 sockets in one large block.
  • Recommendation that everyone brings their own extension leads. A decent, long lead. Don't depend on there being any in the Space, as there probably won't be! Needs a good quality plug on the end, and to be 25m long.
  • Nottinghack Team: Pack up a box of extension leads ready to go.
    • 17-08-2014: Tested and labelled all extension leads ready for EMF, they are in the electronics area racking.


  • Gas Hobs, Gas and Vicki's BBQ
  • Toaster
  • Tea Urn
  • Coffee, Tea & Donations Pot
  • Make sure we have plenty of polystyrene cups and plastic cutlery etc
  • Nottinghack Reminder: Bring your own teacup!
  • Nottinghack Reminder: Bring your own medicines/hangover cures!


  • Lights are now stored in the Infrastructure Cupboard. We have 2 sets of doubles, 4 singles, 1 emergency light and 2 shorter LED lights. All are working, checked by Rob & Sophie.
  • Kate is sorting out fairy lights
  • Nottinghack Team: Pack box of cable ties. Pack box of wrap straps. Check events box, nag Matt Lloyd.


  • Take Michael E's armoured sound system. Will need to go in van - check with Michael if we can.

Sure we can! --Michael Erskine (talk) 13:49, 18 August 2014 (UTC)


  • BarBot (Mouse)
  • Air Hockey (Rob)
  • ISS (James and Michelle)
  • Fogger (Toby)
  • Nottinghack Team: Check if anyone else is taking anything!


  • 8 ordered
  • 3 for food
  • 1 for BarBot
  • 1 for AirHocky/Fogger
  • 3 for hackery


  • 20 ordered
  • 6 hay bales
  • Nottinghack Reminder: bring your own camp chairs, as the ones we've ordered are for the hacking area not the sleeping area


  • Mouse's Van
  • Toby is bringing his fridge freezer, in Mouse's van
  • Nottinghack Reminder: everything for the van must be on/around the cutting table by WEDNESDAY NIGHT
  • Laser cut materials to go in van


  • We will provide a network switch (make sure it's packed)
  • Ensure you bring a cat5 table
  • Nottinghack Reminder: Bring at least 2 Micro USB cables


  • Nottinghack Team: Vicki's Canvas Marquee is in the Infrastructure store, poles need to be collected from ? by ?
  • Nottinghack Team: James H is dropping his Marquee top and sides off at the space on Thursday 21st Aug, poles need to be collected from ? by ?
  • Nottinghack Team: James H's firepit needs to be collected from ? by ?
  • Nottinghack Team: Rob H can provide a stack of wood for the firepit, might be worth raiding the scrap bin a well.
  • Nottinghack Team: Tarpaulin and Ground Sheets - check the stash, TEAM, remember to pack
  • Nottinghack Reminder: Don't forget a torch
  • Nottinghack Team: Something large to carry water in, ideally with a tap. 10l or more
  • Nottinghack Team: Rubber Mallets
  • Nottinghack Reminder: Bring a rubber mallet if you've got one.
  • Nottinghack Reminder: BYO snacks, stuff to wash self with, towels, raincoats, wellies, sun cream, bug spray, jumpers.
  • Nottinghack Team: Poker, board games, Artemis, cards
  • Nottinghack Team: duct tape, electricians tape, scissors, string.
  • Nottinghack Team: events box, foundation stuff, banner, the duck
  • Nottinghack Team: Trolleys


  • Nottinghack Reminder: Take your own small tool box
  • Nottinghack Team: Badge Making. In progress with Matt Little.
  • Nottinghack Team: Projector & Screen, check on mailing list
  • Nottinghack Team: Disposable cutlery etc from Space, take it all.
  • Nottinghack Team: Bin bags, Hand Sanitizer, Toilet Roll, Kitchen Roll, Washing Up Liquid, Washing Up Bowl


  • Nottinghack Reminder: BYOB. There is a bar, lots of real ale, they take cash or card. Bring your own spirits.