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This page is about travelling to the space. For information about getting into the space see access to the space, for the layout see The Space.

Nottingham Hackspace is located in Unit F6, Roden House Business Centre, Roden St, Nottingham, NG3 1JH. Our entrance is on the corner of Alfred Street South and Ashley Street. The H symbol on the map below shows this precisely:


Guide.png  Please see Nottinghack Rules/Guide - Map of Nearby Useful Things

© OpenStreetMap


The Blue door to the hackspace.

Street access the upstairs of the space is through the turquoise door on the south-east corner of Roden House. Via a tight set of spiral stairs, If Spiral stairs are challenging or you are carrying stuff with you the Roden street entrance around the right hand side of the building allows stepless access and the use of a lift, in each case Nottingham hackspace entrance is from the first floor landing.

Accessibility, heavy equipment, wheeled tool trolleys etc

Workshop backdoor

The building has a lift that can provide access via the doors on the North side of Roden House. The 'Winners Gym' entrance. There is wider set of stairs and a lift, easily located through the double set of entrance doors, Once upstairs, turn right out of the lift through the double doors, turn left at the junction with the corridor and the Workshop entrance is straight ahead.

The lift

The lift is accessible from the Roden Street ground floor entrance and is just past the staircase, we are on the first floor, turn right out of the lift through the double doors, turn left at the junction with the corridor and the Workshop entrance is straight ahead this is always only accessible by RF id membership card but there is a bell, do not depend upon it being answered unless previously arranged as there may not be anyone available to do so. The Lift also accesses the basement of the building, but note that the adjacent staircase does not extend to the basement

By car

Park and Ride

If you park at the Queensdrive park and ride you can take the Citylink 1 bus directly to Fletcher Gate (the buses always make a scheduled stop here). From here, follow the walking directions to the space.

Car parking and charging near the hackspace

There are on-street parking spaces right outside the Hackspace on Ashley Street that are free for two hours between 8a.m - 6p.m, (but often are occupied by permit holders during the daytime). Other roads in the area have Pay & Display parking restrictions. RingGo is available on most of the streets with Pay & Display restrictions.

On street parking areas around Nottingham Hackspace

Parking on Robin Hood Street and Stonebridge Road is restricted to residents 8a.m - 6p.m Monday - Saturday. There is a small, busy, pay and display car park between Longden street and Handel street (Sneinton Market Square) there is provision for electric car charging here as well.

By Bicycle, and Lime e-bike hire

There is space in the Bike Area for several bikes to be locked up. The easiest door to go through to get there is the grey door from Ashley Street. Access codes are on HMS. Go through the two doors, and then turn right.

An easy entrance to get to the Bike Area.

There are also some places in the Studio where your bike can be kept out of the way.

There is also a secure Nottingham CityCard Cycle Hub next to the Victoria Leisure Centre (less than 5 minutes walk from the hackspace). You will need a Nottingham CityCard which has been activated for Cycle Hub access to open the gate.

There are official parking spots for Lime Hire Bikes on Roden street at the junction with Liverpool Street and in Sneinton Market.

Bike Routes & pedestrian access

From the Market Square, head up either side of the council house toward Goose Gate and Hockly, which will bring you eventually to Sneinton market, this is mostly mixed pedestrian and crosses a couple of busy roads via traffic controls its best to use your favorite mapping app to locate and find the entrance on Roden or Alfred street. However from the Sneinton market square, pass the entrance of the Bath inn on your right until you reach Roden street, Nottingham hackspace is the end of Roden Street on the right, the Alfred Street entrance at the end of Roden street and turn right past a small yard to the front of the building. The network of streets is probably best navigated using your favorite smartphone app as there are many alternate ways of similar merit.

From the railway station, you can follow the canal towpath or Station street until you reach the Binks yard pub and restaurant building, around the other side of the building is a path to the rear of the NHS drop in center, head towards Sneinton market, signosted but use a map, we are located in the warehouse buildings near to the market, again est to sue smartphone for best progress.

The route shown is from the train station uses some busy roads and junctions, there are safer alternatives, heading into town or across the island street lots at the back of Binks yard restaurant bar and NHS drop in center.

  1. From the station, it is necessary to cross or follow the A60, the main north/south road through Nottingham.

Note: The London Road (A60) roundabout can be very busy, and is very wide. It might be better to walk around it if you're unsure either of your route or your cycling skills, or follow the alternative route below.

This is the most direct route (Google Map):

© OpenStreetMap


  1. Turn right out of the station main entrace and right again onto Station Street (Alternatively, exit the station via the tram stop bridge and turn left onto Station Street)
  2. Go along station street to London Road (A60)
  3. Turn left along London Road (A60). Position yourself in the third or fourth lane (of four) for the roundabout.
  4. At the roundabout, you will be taking the second exit. You want to be in the third or fourth lanes (of four) leaving the roundabout.
  5. Exit the roundabout at the second exit. Stay in the third/fourth lane and turn right onto Fischer Gate.
  6. Cross over the A60 onto Pennyfoot Street. Continue to the next junction
  7. Turn left onto Manvers Street. Continue to the next junction.
  8. Turn right onto Southwell Road. Continue to the next junction.
  9. Go straight on (road turn slightly left).
  10. Take the third turning left onto Alfred Street South.
  11. At the junction with Ashley Street, you have reached the Hackspace.
  • Alternatively, the route below avoids the roundabout and the A60 entirely (Google Map):
  1. Cross London Road (A60) using the pedestrian crossing just before the roundabout.
  2. Between the BBC building and the Premier Inn is the City Link road. Follow this road to the end, then turn left onto Manvers Street.
  3. Follow Manvers Street to the end (junction with Southwell Road).
  4. Follow the route from step 8 above.

By bus

The closest bus stops are on Carlton Road, just around the corner from the hackspace. The following bus routes will stop on this road: Lilac line: 24, 25, 27

An alternative is the route 39 to Carlton Valley, which has a stop known as 'Roden Street' on Robin Hood Street.

These buses run from the Victoria Centre (stop V1, outside Boots on the south side of the Victoria Centre). However, it is almost certainly quicker to walk to the hackspace from here than to get a bus.

If you travelling by bus from further afield, you will mostly likely arrive either at Victoria Bus Station or Broadmarsh Bus Station. In either case, it is quickest to walk from there. If you wish to get a bus:

  1. From Victoria Bus Station, walk through/around the Victoria Shopping Centre to stop V1 and get the Lilac Line (see above)
  2. From Broadmarsh Bus Station, get the City Loop bus to the Victoria Centre and change onto a Lilac Line bus (see above).

By train

Nottingham railway station is a twenty minute walk from the hackspace and has direct trains to these locations:

  • Manchester in just under 2 hours
  • London in about 2 hours
  • Liverpool in around 2 hours 45 minutes
  • Birmingham in about an hour
  • Mansfield and Worksop
  • Grantham and Skegness
  • Sheffield and Leeds
  • Derby

By boat

If you are travelling by canal, you can moor your narrowboat at Nottingham Castle Marina. From there it is a 20 minute walk to the train station along the canal. Follow the walking directions from here.

By air (Commercial)

Fly to East Midlands Airport and catch the Skylink bus, which stops outside the railway station and in Friar Lane. Follow the walking directions from here.

By air (GA)

Nottingham Tollerton (Nottingham City Airport) is the nearest GA airport, located to the east of the city. From here, you can get a taxi directly to the space, or walk into Gamston and get the Green Line numbers 5, 5A or 7 from the Morrisons. This bus will stop at the Lace Market and Victoria Centre. Follow walking directions from there.