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Intended Use General purpose area for working on projects
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The Studio is a general purpose area for hanging out, working on projects, holding workshops and general low-mess hacking. It is looked after by the Infrastructure team.

Tools and equipment

question There are very few tools stored in this area beyond a few general craft supplies that are located near the door of the Textiles Workshop.

In terms of equipment you will find: Lots of tables & seating, the Snackspace Vending Machines & a large craft table that can be used for cutting bolts of cloth.

A list of tools in this area with wiki pages is available here: Tools and Equipment in Studio

Important notes

This area should be reserved for fairly clean project work. If you need to make a mess it is better to use the Workshop.


question This area does not normally require booking but can be reserved for Events.

If you plan on running a workshop, the Studio is fitted with a projector and the tables can be arranged in any number of ways to suit the activity. Contact the Events Team and the Trustees to book this area.

Materials and consumables

There are a small selection of craft materials, including pens, located on the wall near the Textiles Workshop.

Cleaning and maintenance

Always leave the area as you would like to find it. Build time into your schedule for cleaning up. The cleaning equipment including Brooms and Mops are located in the Toilets.

Problems and issues

question If there is a problem in the Studio contact the Infrastructure team.


Contained within this area are sub locations. A full list of these can be found here: Sub-Locations of Studio

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